wedding photography

Managing your own wedding plans and watching your wedding unfold into what you dreamt about is simply an unforgettable moment in your life.

Your wedding photos are a testament to that moment in time when you committed your everlasting love for each other. You carefully chose a wedding photographer to capture these unforgettable moments in time; these are the indelible mental images that made your day so special. There's no doubt you've put a big effort into getting all the details just right.

Framing your wedding photos are the icing on the cake, you'll strive to find what suits your taste and meets your eye to finish your photos, and exhibit them perfectly for years to come. You'll be proud to display them, they'll trigger your memories and emotions every time you enter the room, have your friends for dinner or be gazing over your desk at work during a coffee break.

Frame Design specialises in Retouching, Creating Montages, Printing and Framing wedding photography, we work closely with our clients to ensure every design and printing detail is at its best to bring you the desired result. Sometimes wedding photos can need touching up or something annoying or obscure removed. Our digital technicians have the skill to work with you and carefully enhance your wedding photos.

Whether you already have your photos printed or you would like to add to your wedding collection we will work with you to find where you're comfortable. You may even like to print and frame in stages, this can help avoid the feeling of visual overload. Frame Design offers an interesting range of finishes for your photograph, we suggest a mix of media to keep your wedding pictures interesting. One option is to use canvas, we print with digital technology that literally paints your images on to the canvas, the canvas is then softly wrapped over a deep edge stretcher frame that looks natural and artisan.

Another option is to produce a selection of your special wedding photos to lustre or high gloss paper. Once the photos are processed we skilfully mounted them to long-lasting archival boards. The use of Framing Computer Visualisation (FCV) allows you to see various framing and matting alternatives 'virtually' on the screen. Technology together with traditional methods can be crucial for choosing the best options. FCV in scale makes it easier to visualise the finished solution. This free service will help find the most aesthetically pleasing framing design and finishes to suit your palette when framing your wedding photos. After all, your wedding photos evoke the best memories of your special day for years to come.

Whatever your dreams, our team will help you to achieve exquisite results. With Frame Design your wedding photos and heirlooms can easily be displayed with finishes and frames that you will treasure, they will evoke the emotions and beautiful memories of your wedding day forever.