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At Frame Design we can print any format at any resolution from virtually any source. We make it easy and fun to turn your mobile, Facebook, Instagram or any other photo into a high-quality canvas that you and your family will cherish for years to come. We can enrich your photos with incredible filters and great effects that will make your photos really glow. Our amazing filters can transform any photo into a creation Andy Warhol would envy. Our Design services can touch up your photo to ensure it looks its best on canvas. Lens flare, redeye and even blemishes on you or your attire can be removed. Maybe you are just not happy with all those messy leaves cluttering...

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"I have seen art that's been water damaged by storms and cyclones, plumbing failures, UV light degradation and exposure, glass breakage and vandalism, ageing, substandard mounting and framing, mould and insect infestation and the list goes on. Nearly always deteriorating and damaged art can be repaired and restored to its original glory."

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