What possibilities, whether it's a 100-year-old family photograph or a treasured snapshot that requires retouching or a correction, Frame Design have the expertise to rescue, restore and recapture the moment.

So many formats ranging from old slides and negatives, old wet developed black and white photos, coloured wet developed pictures, printed photos, digital files, and all their formats. No matter what their condition we have the skill to bring them back to life with a natural look that respects their provenance.

Frame Design, a Cairns-based Custom Picture Framing, and Photographic Restoration business has the know-how to scan, digitise, restore, revitalise, repair, enhance, retouch and digitally reprint all types and formats of photography. We use an extensive range of media including paper, canvas, glass, acrylic, aluminium and various other preservation substrates. We guide our clients to help them choose the best print and mounting media to suit the digital printing of restored photography, and this fulfils our client's vision with actual long-lasting visually appealing photographs.

Having a sense of history and a connection to our past is a human trait that lives within most of us. Photography witnesses a lasting testament of peoples lives, photographs lock-in time the emotions of what situations were like at that very moment in time. However, they're subject to damage from natural ageing, UV light, acid migration burns, mould, insects, natural disasters, and incorrect framing methods and materials, and other storage methods can be comprised or lost due to the ravages of time and our harsh environment.

Before the age of the camera, only the wealthy and privileged could afford a portrait of oneself or a family portrait. Once the camera became mainstream professional photographers started the era of a whole array of personal and historical photography. Then came the compact camera era followed now by the digital age.

For this very reason, photography changed the way we look at history forever. It's made the everyday person able to historically and visually timeline and document the lives of their family, their interests, and all of life's situations. Companies like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, have created an entirely new business built on people sharing photos.

If we are lucky enough to have access to old photographs, they will build a historical connection. They bring to life the story of family, community, love, triumph, struggle and so much more. Platforms like have brought to life our yearning to connect our family tree with the names, information and photos that glue together our family history.

The pre-digital photographic restoration era was all done manually by skilled technicians. However, it was limited and expensive. That's all changed with digital programs like Photoshop; the software has opened up photographic editing and restoration possibilities unimaginable on the past. The skill of the Frame Designs photographic technician's is a clear definition to unskilled amateur. You get to meet and work one on one of our technicians. We'll show you what is possible during our consulting process to help you gain the confidence in what we can achieve. We witness our customers at this stage exude the WOW factor and see a strong emotional reaction during this process.  

The thing is though, no matter how unusual, how poignant, how evocative your photos are, they need to be cared for and be available for view and now and into the future.

When the time comes for you to select the photography that matters to you, the Frame Team have the expertise to guide you and help you achieve your vision.