framing workshop

As a picture framing business owner, I do ponder the thought of the relevance of our industry in the modern world of technology after all picture framing has been around for a very long time, dating back to Egyptian times.

There is a simple answer to why picture framing is still in demand today. Picture framing enhances and makes possible the hanging and useful display of framed art, photos, family heirlooms and memorabilia in our homes, offices and public buildings.

But more so, there’s a human need to display images and ornaments that evoke emotion, heighten the imagination, pay testimony to our past, provide provenance. Framing simulates the pleasure area of our minds and makes us feel good to have on display beautifully framed memories and cherished pieces.

We witness this every day as clients collect their framing, we see their emotional reaction and WOW factor. As a framing design team, we are continually gratified every day in seeing this reaction. As we continue to deliver beautifully designed and crafted framing, the relevancy and importance of Picture Framing continue to grow in the new millennia.

With technology playing a large part in custom picture framing these days, quality and longevity are very high. The possibilities are endless, framing options suit every decor and customers imagination. Highly skilled Custom Framers will achieve results that astound their clients. The art of modern framing has developed over hundreds of years, today framing meets design and adds value to people’s lives all over the world.