Framing Visualisation Explained

Custom Framing Shops commonly referred to as Picture Framers vary from basic to very sophisticated. At Frame Design Cairns, we're always looking at ways to make what we do a better experience for our clients.

Framing is a traditional craft dating back hundreds of years; it has survived many industries simply because people love displaying their art, pictures and memorabilia in frames. It houses the things that we love in a very adoring tried and proven method. The term frame is so entrenched in our thinking it is often used metaphorically to coin a particular way of thinking 'A Frame of Mind.' A Frame of Mind houses our views, beliefs and our mood; a Picture Frame houses the way we see, think and feel about art and pictures, they, in turn, create stir our emotions and influence our mood positively.

In days of old frame moulding options, glazing, mat boards, and unique finishes were limited. Today, professional frame shops offer a vast range and can produce precisely what the client is looking for; whether they have conceived it or not.

Where the magic lays is working with a Framer who can create a frame design that enhances the framed piece beyond your expectation.

The use of Framing Computer Visualisation options allows you to see various framing and matting options virtually on the screen. Technology together with traditional methods helps you to choose the best options.

Visualisation is scaled and precise and makes it easier to visualise the finished look virtually before making a final choice. Frame Design Cairns offer our customers FREE Visualisation and design services. Forty Years of experience has provided us with the designing know-how that provides our customers custom frame with confidence.

We will help you find the most aesthetically pleasing framing design and finishes that meet your eye and satisfies your taste no matter what it is your framing. After all, whatever you're deciding to custom frame it has to be done using the best design approach. Using visualisation technology combined with actually samples our highly skilled team will help you achieve a beautiful hand made custom picture frame.

A properly designed framing job allows our highly qualified Framers to craft your custom framing project. Be it large or small, simple or grandiose, our approach in getting the design perfect is the key. Your new custom framed piece will evoke your emotions, leave lasting memories to be treasured by you for years to come.