The earth is bountiful; we love its breathtaking beauty and wonder. Our distant ancestors expressed themselves through painting, caving and etching its allure. The connection with man and nature was indelibly etched on stone, painted onto caves walls and on bark with primitive tools and substances.

Only ancient man's most resilient art has survived the ravages of time; perfect conditions in synergy with compatible materials pay testament to mans primal connect with art.

Modern humans continued their fascination by capturing images and expressing them. In combination with modern and ancient materials art proliferates in our modern world.

Modern art and materials succumb to the same ravages of time and natures urge to breaking down, deteriorate and degrade human-made and natural materials.

An art restoration industry developed over the centuries to restore, conserve, and preserve art. Initially, conservators only made their skills available to Museums, Libraries and large, wealthy Collectors. Today Art and Photographic restoration are open to everyone. Professionally trained Conservators avail their skills and expertise to repair and retouch old photos, art, and artefacts that have been damaged by all manner of factors.

Frame Design has 40 years of experience in Art and Photographic Restoration Services; you'll be amazed at the results and astounded by the before and after look. "Professional art restoration is worth considering," says Eddie Hayes owner and assessor of art for renewal.

"I have seen art that's been water damaged by storms and cyclones, plumbing failures, UV light degradation and exposure, glass breakage and vandalism, ageing, substandard mounting and framing, mould and insect infestation and the list goes on. Nearly always deteriorating and damaged art can be repaired and restored to its original glory."

Hayes says to keep an eye on your art whether it's a canvas, framed art on paper, an artefact or object, and sporting memorabilia. The best way for you to assess your art piece is when you're cleaning, regular cleaning and dusting is the part of the prevention process as dust lays the foundation for mould and mildew. Add high humidity and microorganisms thrive; fungi like mould is hugely harmful to all art and picture framing and must be kept in check.

Should you notice early signs of mold or mildew, the best action is to have Frame Design disassemble the frame or mount.  We recommend an assessment by our art conservator or what's commonly called a restorer (Note: due to the high threat of mould infestation in subtropical and tropical conditions six monthly inspections are paramount. Cooler dryer conditions generally provide better provide lower risk)

Frame Design based in Cairns has years of experience in working in Tropical conditions, we are professional Art and Photographic Restorers. You may think it too late, or the damage to your art is too far gone. However, you'll be amazed at what can be done to bring your art back to life.

Frame Design will assess your art, photograph, memorabilia or artifact and advise you on the best course of action to take. Upon providing you with a fixed price quotation, we act fast to prevent any further damage by immediately starting the process of preserving and restoring. Upon completion of your art restoration, we suggest framing designs, mounts and framing materials to protect your restored art into the future.

Consider acting now if you've noticed any deterioration, as early treatment will save you unnecessary costs and disappointment at later stages.